Educational Classroom Maps, World Maps, Globes, Atlases, Pull Down Maps, Spring Roller Maps, Desk Maps and More!

Features and Benefits:
School License Designed Package Prices without annual fees
Pay for it once and own it foreverSchool site licensed package is available to all Teachers and Students
Large selection of tools/features with Adobe like typewriter, highlighter, pencil & sticky notes
Edit and save your mark-up maps for lessons and Power Point presentations
Over 600 base maps to choose from and to create the exact map you need for your lessons with thousands of layer variations
Click and display maps on screen, interactive white board, or computer
High quality maps that can be displayed 6 feet wide without pixilation
Compatible with SMART Board and Promethean Board
Free technical support and maintenance & Updates available
Economical, install on every computer in the school or make it accessible to everyone on school network

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Digital Mapping

College & HighSchool Map Packages

Packages Start low as $395.00

Base price: $1,699.00
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Edware Digital - Know your USA

Single DVD User License Start @ $79

Base price: $79.00

Interactive World & USA Digital DVD

Single License Start @ $199

Base price: $199.00
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Middle School - Grade 6-8 PDF/GIS Package

Start Pricing as low as $395.00

Base price: $1,099.00
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Perthes World Digital Atlas

Single License Start @ $199

Base price: $199.00

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