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2-Map Metal Mounting Rack

(In-Stock) Special 2-Map mounting Bracket
2-Map Metal Mounting Rack

Base price $29.99

2-Map Mounting Rack Bracket 948-2

This rack will hold 2 spring roller wall maps; one above each other. Bracket size is 7" wide. All the single and double spring roller maps come standard with a metal "back board". This rack will hold the spring roller wall maps/charts that come standard with a metal "back board" up to 80" wide. The metal channel runs the length of the wall map/chart and supports a firm and solid mounting for the spring roller brackets. Each metal channel has a groove that slides over the round "buttons" and then center the channel over themetal map rack bracket. The result is a rack system that lets you mount 2 rollers for maps on the wall of different sizes.

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