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USA/World, Perthes Physical/Political Dual Map- SPECIAL

Special Priced: Dual-Sided Map Start @ $169
USA/World, Perthes Physical/Political Dual Map- SPECIAL

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USA/World, Physical & Political Stack Dual Map (Klett-Perthes)
(Click image to See reverse side of map)

Special $199.00 (Reg. $249.00) Spring Roller System w/metal backboard
$169.00 (Reg. $199.00) mounted with hanging wooden rods
$99.00 (Reg. $129.00) laminated sheet only (no mountings)

Size: 51"W x 69"L (Special Economy Size) Heavy Lamination
Language: English

The new Klett-Perthes USA and World Intermediate physical & political stack map puts both maps together back-to-back (one above each other) as a "dual map" mounted on a pull down roller system for easy viewing. Best priced combo USA/World map on the market, and benefit of not having to flip over first map to see second map with the "Stack Map" feature. One side has Physical version, reverse side show Political version.

This map shows a wealth of physical & political geographical information with contrasting colors and features cities, capitols, lakes, rivers and major highways/rail system. Showing physical shaded relief for clearly explaining landform elevations, only known to the Perthes map making features. The Winkle world map projection is recognized as providing the best balance of size, shape and direction to the map. The most up-to-date political information is used. Also available on hanging wooden rods, top & bottom or as single laminated sheet.

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